Michael Lundgaard Thomsen at Bureau Veritas Kick Off Seminar 2021

Great potential for a green transition

Aalborg Portland is the only manufacturer of cement in Denmark. Cement is primarily used for concrete, which is the most used building material in the world.

Aalborg Portland is owned by the Italian company Cementir Holding with activities all over Europe, the Middle and the Far East as well as the USA. The company is a global leader within white cement and in 2019 its turnover was 1.2 billion EUR (DKK 9 billion). The company has approx. 3.000 employees of which 727 work in Denmark.

Aalborg Portland has a long tradition of social and environmental responsibility and their focus on sustainable production of sustainable products is large. The company experiences a growing demand for sustainable products. Cementir has allocated approx. DKK 750 million for sustainable investments in 2020-22 with the purpose of reaching its vision of a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions before 2030 compared to 1990.

As chairman of the government’s climate partnership of the energy intensive industry, Michael Lundgaard Thomsen has helped define different recommendations stating how the key players in the industry can help create a more sustainable future. Hear more about Aalborg Portland’s efforts and the partnership’s recommendations to the government.

Michael Lundgaard Thomsen, Managing Director, Aalborg Portland and chairman of the governments climate partnership within the energy intensive industry



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