Jeannette, Bureau Veritas' receptionist, Bureau Veritas

'Bureau Veritas
- This is Jeannette'

For seven years I have been the one welcoming you all when you come to visit us or join a course at our office in Fredericia; in addition to this I am the voice in the telephone saying ”Bureau Veritas – this is Jeannette”, when you call.

I have been working at Bureau Veritas since 2008. The first five years in our audit planning department; and since then in the reception using my large knowledge of the company to help clients as well as colleagues through the day.

I am able to do so as Bureau Veritas – as an organisation – listens if you long for new tasks. Bureau Veritas is not just a company. Bureau Veritas is people listening and noticing the needs and wishes of its employees; in the same way as I listen to the clients’ wishes and needs when I greet them in the reception or over the phone.

Among other things, Bureau Veritas is so well-functioning as a company and organisation as our management see the employees as humans and not just as employees or resources. In stead, they emphasise your personal and unique competences and develop these.

Bureau Veritas is a more than 200 year old company with a large diversity of employees; every day I talk to colleagues with different backgrounds and knowledge from various industries – shipping conditions, environmental discharge, food production and much much more. This makes my workdays exciting as my colleagues’ knowledge and coduct makes every day more fun.

Therefore, it is a pleasure for me to use my days as a smiling ’Miss Know-it-all’ greeting people at eye level with a wish to help; with a wish to make the days of others better.