Rikke Bernberg, Chemical Advisor at Bureau Veritas

Chemical Advisor at Bureau Veritas

”Even though the focus shifted from the climate crisis in 2020, it is still important to remember that there will also be a day tomorrow. And we must also consider how we wish to leave the world to the next generations.

Therefore, we must celebrate World Environment Day as this day helps us focus on reducing environmental and climate impacts globally, and it reminds us how important it is to contribute wherever possible.

This is what I do in my daily work when I for instance advise companies about eco-labelling of their products. The EU Flower and The Swan (Denmark’s official eco-labels) ensure that products live up to special environmental requirements, consider health issues and are of high quality.

As the construction industry contributes to a large part of climate effects, we experience an increased focus on documenting climate effects of building materials. We help manufactures make environmental product declarations and life cycle assessments documenting the environmental effects of the product and its use.

“To assist companies in contributing to environmental improvements is not something I do because I have to. I do it because I find it extremely exiting and very important!” says Rikke Bernberg, Chemical Advisor at Bureau Veritas.