Klaus Behrnt, Lead Auditor at Bureau Veritas

Lead Auditor at Bureau Veritas

“It is important to keep an ongoing focus on reducing environmental and climate effects and in this way to contribute to supporting the large necessary social changes.

This is what I do in my daily work when I train and inspire environmental auditors at Bureau Veritas to challenge and strengthen companies’ environmental performance. An area which has attracted much more attention than earlier during the last year.

Therefore, we have developed a certification in sustainable development goals documenting companies’ work with UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Simultaneously, companies oblige to continue their work promoting the sustainable development goals.

The purpose of the certification in sustainable development goals is to break with greenwashing by giving a real risk assessment of all the areas in which the company – in a international perspective – interacts with the sustainable development goals and belonging subsidiary goals.

“Remember to fight for environmental improvements where ever possible”, says Klaus Behrndt, Lead Auditor Environment at Bureau Veritas.