Events in energy management

Bureau Veritas launches an energy package consisting of two events within the field of energy management.

The reason behind the launch of the energy package is that the standard ISO 50001: 2018 was released in August 2018, of which we at Bureau Veritas want to help your company get a better overview of your company’s own energy management.

The package must be seen as one unified offer, where you gain the benefits of being a part of several offerings. However, you are of course welcome to select just one of the options as well.

What does the energy package consist of?

  • The course: Optimize your energy use with true key figures.
  • Learn more about each course by tapping the team name at the top of the page.
  • Network group within energy management and energy improvements - read more below
Bureau Veritas Network Group on Energy Management and Energy Improvements

The third and final part of the package is the creation of a new energy management network group. In our opinion, there is a need for a common platform, where it is possible to exchange experiences across industries for those working within energy and energy management in specific companies.

That is the reason why we are working to start an energy network, where Bureau Veritas will be the leader in quality and topics. Our goal is to hold 3-4 meetings every year.

The first network meeting is already planned, which will take place at Carlsberg, where we are presented to their way of working with energy management.

If you want to find out if the network group is something for you, you can attend one meeting at no charge. After that, the membership costs DKK 6,000 ex. VAT per year.


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