Hygienic design, building design and machine design, Bureau Veritas

Hygienic design, building design and machine design

A good design is the basis for saving time and money on cleaning. A good design protects rooms and equipment so that the microorganisms do not get stuck as biofilms. Hygienic design ensures optimization of the flow through the company, which mean that cross infection/cross contamination, is minimized in the long term.

Many companies devote considerable resources to preventing Listeria from occurring in the production environment. At Bureau Veritas we offer a review of the company, together with management, production people and / or cleaning staff, to find immediate areas of action.

We offer

  • Review of the company's cleaning plans, as well as cleaning and disinfection methods
  • Assessment of hygienic design of machines, equipment and factory environment
  • Sampling and structure of sample plan (swab samples/food samples)
  • GAP analysis of the company's status in relation to Listeria level, review of results and sample plans
  • Cleaning inspections (See your factory with other eyes/new glasses)


Food Inspection
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