Network in the 17 sustainable development goals in practice, Bureau Veritas

Network: The 17 sustainable development goals in practice

Inspiration, idea exchange and professional sparring are the keywords of Bureau Veritas’ network groups.

You already work with or have just started working with the 17 sustainable development goals - but you lack knowledge, inspiration and not least sparring in connection with working with the goals? Then the network, for SMEs, is perfect for you.

Focus areas of the network group

  • A professional network of like-minded
  • Insight in how other companies work with the goals
  • Specific solutions of practical issues
  • Input keeping you abreast of the latest knowledge
  • Inspiration and experience of professionals.

We are going to discuss the theories behind as well as the purpose and the importance of the 17 goals. Through practical exercises you will gain an insight into how you can work with the goals in practice and which commercial benefits you get by making the goals a part of your company.

To a great extent, our starting point will be your way of working with the 17 goals and our discussions will be based on this. However, we would also like to challenge you. Working with the goals is also about due care, trust and credibility – putting your words into action in your company and your day-to-day operation. Working with the goals can be complex. You must often balance between incorporated paradoxes when choosing the initiatives, you would like to implement in your work with the increasing challenges the world is facing.

At the meetings we can discuss topics like:

  • Do we have the right focus, and do we prioritize the sustainable development goals and our activities most appropriately
  • Do we have strategy and management in place, and do we achieve the desired results
  • How do we incorporate the sustainable development goals into our work - in our own company and in our supply chains
  • How do we contribute to a green transition and how do we create new sustainable business opportunities
  • How do we report and market our work without leading it to greenwashing

You will be able to gain an insight into and an understanding of strategic challenges and thus develop yourself professionally in a network of like-minded.

In addition to the annual meetings, you will as a member get access to a closed forum in which all information is shared between the members.

Would you like to participate?

The price of the network group “The 17 sustainable development goals in practice” is DKK 7.000 annually.


Zanne Johnsson
Senior Training Coordinator I&F
Phone: +45 2076 6585