Origin - Traceability in food, Bureau Veritas

Software: Origin - Food traceability solution

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Where it comes from? How it was made and processed? And how its quality was preserved?

  • Give proof of the product’s origin and quality
  • Increase trust by making visible all checks and audits done throughout the product lifecycle

Origin is a smart and convenient way for consumers to access the product's journey. Scan the product's QR code and get all the information you need before making the final decision. The food industry's players throughout the value chain also benefits from this cost-effective solution. Brands and retailers are able to better control the supply chains through better visibility.

Origin is a solution for all actors

B2B market
  • Better control of the supply chain
  • Create value by providing proof of your good production practices
  • Manage product recalls more efficiently and in real time
B2C market
  • More transparency on the products consumed
  • From trust to proof of product quality
  • Virtuous dynamic towards safer products



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