Training courses | Dangerous goods

The Department of Dangerous Goods at Bureau Veritas Denmark is one of the country's leading providers of courses within this particular area. Here you have the opportunity to find your next course in dangerous goods, including roadway (ADR), maritime (IMDG), aviation (IATA) and safety advice.

If your companies need to train several employees at once, we also offer company-specific courses.

What does a course at Bureau Veritas in Dangerous Goods mean for your business?

  • Compliance with rules and regulations - we help your company comply with the rules that apply to your specific shipments, ensuring that your company's image does not get affected or suffer.
  • Risk minimization - we help your business reduce the number of accidents or incidents caused by ignorance or lack of training.
  • Enhanced customer experience - we help your business ensure that your shipments have every opportunity to arrive on time, that shipments are in order, and that you have the right carrier that knows and complies with applicable laws and regulations.

Our IATA courses are approved by both IATA and the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Agency.


Training department
Phone: +45 7731 1000
Mail: infohse@dk.bureauveritas.com