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Training in work environment

A healthy work environment has many faces. Confidence, happiness, excitement, dedication, profit - all valid both mentally and businesswise. A structured and systematic approach is the direct path to a safe and healthy work environment.

Even experienced companies that have worked for many years to create a safe work environment can face challenges when it comes to manage well-being and mental work environment. This area requires other skills, tools, methods and solutions.

It is within this area that many companies experience their greatest challenges. Both because of the fact that the area requires new knowledge and the consequences of the effort can be quite significant. Bureau Veritas' courses give you new ways to develop and lift the working environment to a higher level.

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Training in Work Environment
Work Environment ISO 45001 Inspiration Seminar
Work Environment ISO 45001 Upgrading Seminar
Work Environment Internal Auditor Work Environment
Work Environment CQI-IRCA Certified PR357: OHSMS ISO 45001:2018 Lead Auditor (Course ID - 1911)
Work Environment CQI-IRCA Certified PT211: Annex L (Module 1) (Course ID - 1931)
Work Environment CQI-IRCA Certified PT251: OHSMS ISO 45001:2018 (Modular) Auditor Migration


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