transport documents

Aug. 5 2019

In accordance with chapter of the ADR Convention, electronic transport documents are permitted provided if the data is available throughout the whole transportation.

In a response to DTL around this interpretation, the Police responded:

The Police accept electronic transport documents in Denmark, if:
  • The document is easily legible, so that the screen on which it is displayed is at least A5 in size.
  • The electronic device is able to display the document at any time.
The police also said:
  • If the electronic device has a code lock, the document is considered “not available”.
  • If the electronic device has run out of power or does not have access to the document (for example, missing network), the document is considered “not brought”.

The above is the Danish interpretation of the ADR text, but it should be noted that other countries may have different interpretations. For example, Germany only accept electronic documents if there is a color printer available in the cab.


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