Press Release

KIK at traceability and quality

Aug. 24 2019


Many food companies work skillfully and systematically on food safety, traceability and quality. Some also have good control over both customer and supplier relationships. But only a few have launched industry initiatives that unite all players - friends as enemies - in the fight for greater market share. Danish Slaughter Poultry is an exception. Through the quality concept Quality Assurance in Chicken Production, ‘KIK’, the industry unites a common goal: to create the world's best and most well-documented chickens.

The certification and inspection firm Bureau Veritas conducted a number of audits in 2010, and on December 21, the KIK steering committee received a statement from Bureau Veritas documenting compliance between goals and efforts. In addition, a number of optimization areas for 2011 and 2012 will be listed, which will be implemented in parallel with the harmonization of the controls, audits and inspections carried out throughout the industry.

This project provides perspectives for a constructive dialogue with the relevant Danish authorities regarding the efficiency of public and private control. It would be appropriate to exchange the results of the well-documented visits between authorities and other control bodies so that time and money can be saved - without compromising security, says Bureau Veritas Certification CEO Jacob Færgemand.

In this way, the authorities can spend the most important resources on the companies where there is the greatest need. At the same time, companies that can document systematic efforts can have their control reduced. A real win-win situation.

At the two major slaughter and processing companies, Lantmännen Danpo and Rose Poultry, the reference to KIK is a required and approved element of the quality audits that large Danish and international customers regularly carry out. Without the fine-masked documentation represented by KIK, the companies in many cases cannot even be considered as suppliers. Thus, KIK is often a prerequisite for customers to consider buying Danish broiler at all.

With KIK, the industry has a quality and documentation system in all parts of the broiler production chain. With the help of written procedures, data registration, training of farmers, ongoing auditing and cooperation between industry players, the KIK system documents food safety, animal welfare and health.

The start-up in 2010 has been a good first phase, which we are completing today. The goal is to show that the Danish poultry industry has implemented the KIK concept, which in the long term is intended to secure the sale of Danish-produced poultry nationally as well as internationally. The road to the production of the world's best-documented chickens is outlined and the journey has begun, says Bureau Veritas Certification CEO Jacob Færgemand.

We have reached a milestone today as we have developed, implemented and documented compliance from land to table. There have been some bumps in the road, but now we are in the absolute world elite in poultry farming. This is exactly what our major international customers demand, and it gives us an exceptional position in the world market. It is a unique collaboration across the entire supply chain that has enabled Dansk Poultry to reach this position. We are extremely proud of this, says chairman of the KIK steering committee Jacob Roland Pedersen.

For more information please contact:
Managing Director Jacob Færgemand, Bureau Veritas Certification, phone 7731 1000
Jacob Roland Pedersen, Chairman of the KIK Steering Group, phone 2277 8599