Press Release

Work Environment on time

Aug. 24 2019


Yesterday DSB received a certificate as a visible proof that the company is in control of their working environment. This is the culmination of a purposeful process, where the company has closely followed a well-prepared roadmap towards a systematic handling of the company's working environment. The certificate was presented by the certification agency Bureau Veritas Certification, which has reviewed DSB's efforts for the working environment. Certification companies' occupational health and safety specialists have been very pleased with what they have experienced.

DSB has a multitude of risks. Some employees are close to heavy trains, others need to be prepared to face threats and confrontations in trains and in train stations, while all groups have more focus on stress prevention and well-being. DSB handles all types of risks with a high level of commitment and proven systematicity. It is clear to note that the working environment is something that DSB really wants, says Bureau Veritas Certification's sector manager Lars Vestergaard Jensen.

When it is important for DSB to get a work environment certification, it is first and foremost to get a better workplace for employees, with low absenteeism and few accidents. Certification gives us a tool to work systematically with these themes, and it also sends a clear signal to the outside world that the working environment is a high priority in DSB. So, our increased focus on the working environment benefits the employees first and foremost - we want DSB to be a workplace that both retains and attracts skilled employees. And happy and satisfied employees – as it affects the customers, says Lone Lindsby, Executive Vice President, HR & Organization.

For more information please contact
Sector Manager Lars Vestergaard Jensen, Bureau Veritas Certification, phone 7731 1000
Executive Vice President for HR & Organization, Lone Lindsby, DSB, phone 7013 1415