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Would you like to have complete transparency and honesty about the foods you buy or sell?

Aug. 21 2019

The tendency among consumers is that they want easily accessible information and honesty about the products they use and consume. To give them this, companies, especially in the food industry, have been seeking a platform where they can tell the story behind the products. Bureau Veritas is now introducing the world's first blockchain-based solution that provides consumers with insight into a product's history from farm to fork.

The launch of Origin takes place after 2 years of intensive work on the so-called blockchain system. The system is open, transparent and secure and works without a central control device. The advantage of the system is that it automatically links information from all parts in the value chain. This gives consumers a complete insight into, for an example, the foods they enjoy with their friends and family.

Bureau Veritas says that the goal of Origin is to increase confidence in the food that the consumers buy and eat. Consumers, retailers, suppliers and manufacturers benefit from the platform, as stakeholders can easily and effortlessly scan and get access to information on available products.


With Origin, consumers have the opportunity to know the full history of a product: Where does it come from? How was it manufactured and handled? And how has the quality of the product been preserved? This also means that Origin provides the following benefits:

  • Documentation of the origin and quality of the product
  • Increases confidence in the product by highlighting the controls and audits performed during the product lifecycle


With Origin you get a value-creating platform where you can post information about your food - information that consumers can get access to by scanning the product. This gives your company complete transparency and honesty about the products - something that can potentially affect your brand's image and differentiate your products from others.

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