Optimising food safety at Kejserindens Gryder A/S, Bureau Veritas
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Optimising food safety at Kejserindens Gryder A/S

| january 15, 2021

"Ordinarily we have many different roles. We arrange parties and lunches, and we are also a part of the wholesale world. Therefore, it is important for us to have a skilled and professional partner like Bureau Veritas regarding food regulation and own-checks. In this way, we are certain to always be updated in connection with regulatory amendments. We also have had a simple and clear own-check-scheme made according to HACCP principles.

In addition to this, Bureau Veritas carry out hygiene inspections several times a year. The inspectors work carefully and constructively with our operating staff so we can keep a high standard. This also means that our employees receive the right consultancy in specific situations when Bureau Veritas visit us.

Professional consultancy is a recurring motif in connection with: correct labelling of pre-packed food,  private label production of various product categories, durability assessment of products and much more.

The cooperation with Bureau Veritas is a good tool for us to sharpen our angle and have other eyes looking at our food company so we are always dressed for document inspection. Our consultant always makes us do our best within the food production, and we can always ask questions,"
tells Lone Larsen, owner of Kejserindens Gryder A/S.

Optimising food safety at your company

Do you also dream of developing and optimising quality control within your company, but are you too busy running the operation? Are you looking for a professional partner to maintain your quality management systems and improve food safety within your company?

With Bureau Veritas Food Inspection, you receive customised solutions when you rent one of our experienced experts for the tasks and the time your company needs. For instance:

  • Support, consultancy and sparring during your daily operation
  • Analysis of your company’s data collection, document management, certifications, audits, etc.
  • Food labelling
  • Durability assessment
  • Process and personal hygiene rules
  • Cleaning before and after production
  • Data sheets, supplier declarations and supplier audits
  • Assistance in connection with inspection campaigns
  • Handling of non-conformities or complaints
  • Withdrawal cases
  • Production inspections
  • Product development.

You will not only get time for your daily operation – you will see your company through new eyes – eyes that have worked with food safety in thousands of small and large food companies.

Would you like to hear more? 

Please do not hesitate to contact us at tel. +45 77 31 10 00 or by email foodinspection@bureauveritas.com for a non-committal talk about your company’s requirements.