Great Requirements for Retail

The retail sector is being met by numerous demands from consumers, NGOs and authorities. These requirements include quality, safety, environment, climate and social responsibility. If stakeholders do not feel that the retailer is worthy of its responsibilities, it can have serious consequences for the consumer confidence, corporate image and earnings.

However, the proactive business can do a lot before it gets that far. Bureau Veritas can guide you through any issues you may have at any stage of your organization. Bureau Veritas helps some of the world's largest retail chains live up to their expectations. We offer a wide range of services such as inspections of stores, suppliers and products, ethical audits and hygiene inspections. The result is minimization of the risk of recalls, consumer complaints, media turbulence and the retention of a strong fire.

Your challenges

  • Consumer Products Services - Do you not completely control which products are in your products? Through Bureau Veritas Consumer Products services, we offer you inspections and tests of your products, including advanced laboratory tests of textiles for harmful chemicals.
  • Work environment - A healthy work environment has many faces; security, well-being, joy, commitment and profits. Building a certified work environment management system ensures a continuous focus on a good and safe work environment. A focus that incorporates the work environment into daily work.
  • Coperate Social Responsibility - Do you want to have a strong position in the market and build up consumer confidence? With a focus on CSR, you can create sustainable business processes and maintain a documented effort in this area.
  • Food Safety and Food Inspection - Consumers and authorities are increasingly demanding that the food we all eat should be of high quality and safety. Bureau Veritas offers inspection, certification, consulting and software solutions that ensure you a systematic approach to food safety and good hygiene.

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