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The Danish fashion brand Pieszak and Bureau Veritas HSE in strong cooperation
– The first Danish jeans labelled with the Nordic Swan are on the street


| may 21, 2017

A short time ago, the Danish brand Pieszak could tell that they as the first manufacturer of jeans in Denmark received the Nordic Swan label. This desired Nordic eco-label is granted to products, which among other things observe strict requirements for consumption of chemicals, wastewater cleaning and working conditions during manufacturing.

CEO and creative manager at Pieszak, Henriette Pieszak, initiated the idea about the Nordic Swan labelled jeans and asked Bureau Veritas HSE to contribute with technical insight and being in charge of collecting the required documentation to achieve the label. The objective of the cooperation was to make a product for which sustainability was included through the entire food chain of the design without compromising shape and quality.

”We worked hard with the certification process for several months and I am proud that we as the first jeans manufacturer are able to raise Danish fashion to a new, international level within sustainability and at the same time take on a social responsibility. The Swan label makes so much sense for me – it is the story that the choices we make today make a difference in the future,” - says Henriette Pieszak.

To this Bente Nesting, chemical engineer at hos Bureau Veritas, adds that such a proces normally takes up to one year but that Pieszak and the manufacturer were well prepared, which shortened the process.

The cooperation between Pieszak and Bureau Veritas started back in 2016 where Bente Hviid Nesting on behalf of the fashion brand submitted an application to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency regarding their subsidy scheme for consultancy in connection with eco-labelling of textiles. The EPA accepted the application and granted money for the project. Thus, Bente Hviid Nesting was able to conclude the project with a Nordic Swan label for Pieszak. Among other things, Bente handled the dialogue with the manufacturer and Ecolabelling Denmark. The latter is responsible for the Nordic Swan label in Denmark and at the same time an independent supervisory body in connection with the label.

”During the last year the focus on sustainable fashion has increased and in connection with this the Swan label is a strong tool as it consideres the complete journey of the product and the environmental problems arising on its way which is beneficial for humans, the environment and the earth’s resources. We are pleased that Pieszak has chosen to take the lead so Danish consumers can now choose if they want their jeans to be labelled with the Swan,”  - says Martin Fabiansen, manager at Ecolabelling Denmark.

With their sustainable jeans, Pieszak was nominated to ELLE Style Awards 2017 in the category ”This year’s CSR award”. Congrats on the nomination.

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