Case Studies

Rockwool Scandinavia


Bureau Veritas Certification came up with a solution that suited well for us. Both economically and technically. Now we manage eight certification schemes in just two days.

Quality Manager Jens Ole Iversen, Rockwool Scandinavia.


At Rockwool Scandinavia, certification meant almost one long chain of audits. System certification audits. Product certification. Thermal insulation Control. Sampling. Energy accounts. CO2 emissions. The company's factories had audits more than 20 times a year. With audits every two weeks, there was almost no time to produce the insulation from which the company lives. "Now this has to stop," said Quality Manager Jens Ole Iversen, and called four certification companies to come up with a proposal for improvements to the certification process. Bureau Veritas Certification came up with a solution that brought together all primary audits for one week in the spring and one in the fall. Now it was time to concentrate on developing the business.

Previously, employees barely had the time to produce. They should have an audit. Preparing, conducting and following up on audits every two weeks took up many resources in the organization. And many of the auditors asked about the same things. Not least, the quality department was exposed to a very heavy load, and at one point we said, Jens Ole Iversen tells us about the prelude to the invitation to four different certification companies. They were asked to come up with solutions for a more rational certification process.


With a proposal to collect as many audits as possible at one time, Bureau Veritas Certification came up with the crucial solution. - Bureau Veritas Certification came up with a solution that suited us well economically and technically. Now we manage eight certification schemes in just two days. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS, CO2 emission verification, DS 2403, CE marking, technical insulation, RAL testing and sampling. We can now complete the entire testing process at four factories in Denmark and Norway in eight days. Where we used to spend eight or sixteen days per factory, we are now down to one or two days. For the rest of the year, the disruption from audit is minimal, and our yield has actually been improved by the certification company concentrating efforts on the major lines. We use the internal audits to find improvement points and thus develop the business and management systems. Bureau Veritas Certification has helped give our internal auditors an important boost. The focus has changed from “conformity” to “value creation”. This, combined with a final evaluation of the audit results, has produced a really good result. The four most important audit results are passed on to the top management for final adoption and resource allocation, says Jens Ole Iversen.


It is not only in the quality department that you have been delighted with the new certification model. - Management has also praised it a lot, and they have been challenged on the extent to which our management system was rooted in top management. After the first visit, an extra cup of coffee was to be rinsed off, says Jens Ole Iversen with a small, crooked smile. The parent company, Rockwool International, has also followed the course with interest. With 22 production units in 14 countries in Europe, North America and Asia, the potential for improvement in the long term can be quite substantial.