Torben Jensen, Trainee programe in FInance, Bureau Veritas

Trainee Program in the Finance Department

"With a degree in business economics, I started a summer 2-year trainee program in the finance department at Bureau Veritas in the summer of 2017. In this department I was part of a strong team. They were ready to teach me anything and answer any questions I might have throughout the entire course.

As a trainee, I was met by a steep learning curve, where I was challenged from the start, but also assigned a great deal of responsibility along with the necessary training. The learning process itself was commonly built around ‘learning by doing’, where I worked equally with my colleagues in the company's many different financial functions. There has been room for ideas and mistakes, which also provide an important experience.

It was a priority for me to keep building on what I have learned from my education – as well as being allowed to unfold myself with new tasks. All of this where I can see the purpose of my work.

Subsequently, I have accepted the offer to continue in Bureau Veritas as Junior Controller, where I look forward to new and exciting challenges," says Torben Jensen with a smile.