ISO 22301

Become certified by ISO 22301 Business continuity

Bureau Veritas Certification

Utility services interruption, IS/IT outages and breaches, whether malicious or accidental, acts of nature, extreme weather or supply chain disruption. In today’s uncertain world, these are just a few of the many threats that can harm – or even end - your business by compromising your supply chain, quality standards, or the security of your organization.

To ensure that you survive and recover as quickly as possible after any such incidents, it is vital to establish a strategy to allocate responsibility and resources to understand the risks, plan for a crisis, create controls, and structure operations.

By establishing an ISO 22301 compliant Business Continuity Management System, your organization improves the resilience of the entire business ecosystem and society within which it operates. You send a reassuring message to stakeholders along the whole value chain by demonstrating that you are prepared for a crisis and can both withstand and recover speedily from any event.

the Benefits of an iso 22301 certification

  • Enhance your reputation to internal and external stakeholders
  • Safeguard your value chain and ensure business continuity in the face of multiple threats
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition by proving capacity to recover
  • Minimize risks to property, safeguard against revenue losses and maintain cash flow
  • Ensure employee safety and reduce the risk of legal non-compliance
  • Support from a global leader in testing, inspection and certification services
  • Improve awareness of your staff through training


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