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Customers, authorities and employees are increasingly demanding that companies take responsibility for the environment. To ensure good environmental management, a company can introduce an environmental management system.

EMAS stands for Eco Management and Audit Scheme and is an environmental management system for companies and other organizations who want to document their responsibility to the environment. EMAS is an ambitious environmental management system for which a company can obtain verification. At the same time, the company with an EMAS verification can obtain EMAS registration.

With an EMAS verification, the company can document that its processes, activities and competences are aimed at minimizing external environmental impacts. EMAS thus requires that the company undertakes to continuously improve environmental efforts, comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations and prevent pollution.

To obtain the EMAS verification, the company must meet the requirements of EMAS

  • Conduct a review of environmental conditions
  • Formulate an environmental policy
  • Plan and set environmental goals, objectives and an action program
  • Guidelines for implementation and operation
  • Control, corrective actions and management review
  • Document the efforts in an environmental report that is publicly available

EMAS is a voluntary scheme for companies to use if they want to document their environmental responsibility. With an EMAS verification of Bureau Veritas Certification Denmark A/S, the company can increase its credibility with its customers.

EMAS has the same system requirements as ISO 14001 plus some additional requirements. In addition, EMAS includes a verification of an annual environmental report to the outside world

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