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Consumers, retailers and other stakeholders increasingly demand that seafood be safe and responsibly sourced. Bureau Veritas’ certification services enable you to demonstrate compliance to internationally recognized sustainable seafood standards.

As global demand for seafood continues to grow, the fishing industry is under intense pressure to enforce responsible fishing practices to avoid overexploitation and damage to marine ecosystems. At the same time, the rapidly growing aquaculture industry, which now supplies more than half of seafood consumed today, must find ways to better manage its fish farms and hatcheries to promote food safety and animal welfare, while reducing its negative environmental and social impacts.

Bureau Veritas offers a wide range of certification, 
training and digital solutions for players across the seafood value chain. Bureau Veritas supports you in demonstrating that your seafood is safe, healthy, responsibly produced and fully traceable.

  • Meet the requirements of major global retailers and brands,

    who increasingly require sustainable seafood certification and ecolabels

  • Assure buyers, retailers, and consumers

    that your fishing and aquaculture practices comply with industry standards

  • Earn recognition as a responsible actor

    with respect to marine resources, ecosystems, food safety and sourcing

  • Boost your brand name

    with ecolabels demonstrating environmental and social responsibility


Overexploitation is the leading cause of rapidly dwindling fish stocks. Intense fishing activity also negatively impacts biodiversity, habitats, and the marine ecosystem. Bureau Veritas helps the fishing industry to ensure responsible fishing practices, offering certification services for the blue MSC ecolabel. The MSC ecolabel is the leading industry label for assuring traceability to a sustainable fishing source. We also offer Bureau Veritas Recognition, our proprietary standard and B2B solution for demonstrating responsible fishing, sourcing and traceability, and Origin, our one-stop traceability solution.


Today, farmed fish represents more than half of all fish consumed globally. But irresponsible aquaculture practices can have a negative impact on the environment, animal health and welfare, food safety and working conditions. Bureau Veritas supports the aquaculture industry in demonstrating the responsibility of its fish-farming practices, offering certification to a variety of ecolabels. These include ASC, BAP, GlobalG.A.P. and organic. We also offer traceability solutions for aquaculture players, such as Bureau Veritas’ GlobalG.A.P. Chain of Custody certification.


To compete in the seafood industry, food safety and quality are critical. Bureau Veritas enables seafood players across the supply chain to meet regulatory requirements in food safety, offering certification to a variety of safety and quality standards. These include ISO 22000animal feed-specific certifications, and certifications to BRCGS and IFS standardsFSSC 22000 and other GFSI-recognized schemes.

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