AQAP certificering, Bureau Veritas


What is AQAP?

The AQAP 2000 series (Allied Quality Assurance Publication) are quality standards and guides developed by NATO to:

  • Ensure sufficient quality management/assurance in contractual issues between NATO countries’ defence and companies in the supplier chain.
  • Achieve a high level of uniformity and interoperability between the member countries and other countries working together with NATO within the defence industry.

What is AQAP-2110?

With a certification according to AQAP-2110 you can be sure that the supplier is capable of manufacturing products complying with the requirements in the Acquirer-contract.

How do you implement AQAP? 

To achieve an AQAP certification, the company must already be certified according to ISO 9001 or have established ISO 9001 requirements without a certification. There are two ways of implementing the AQAP standard:

  1. Implementation of AQAP as an independent certification not influencing the existing ISO 9001 certification.
  2. Implementation of AQAP as an extension of the company’s existing ISO 9001 certification. In this case the ISO 9001 management system is adjusted and expanded to fulfil additional requirements and guidelines specified in AQAP.

The choice between an independent AQAP certification and an extension of the company’s ISO 9001 certification depends on the company’s specific needs.

The benefits of an AQAP certification

  • Access to defence agreements: many defence agreements require that suppliers and contractors are AQAP certified to participate in tender processes and obtain contracts.
  • Quality management: An AQAP certification ensures that the company already has an efficient quality management system fulfilling the requirements in defence contracts.
  • Reputation and trust: A certification signals professionalism, engagement, and reliability within the defence industry. It can help building a good reputation and strengthen business relations between defence clients and their partners.
  • Competitive advantage: A certification might give the company a competitive advantage on the market by demonstrating its ability to deliver high-quality products and services and fulfil defence requirements.

NB! Bureau Veritas is in the process of applying for an accreditation at DANAK. At present we can offer to issue a non-accredited certificate according to the AQAP 2110 standard. This certificate can be converted into an accredited certificate later when it is possible.

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