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Sustainable and solid feed

One of the major players in food safety are the feed producers. The food chain starts with the animal, which later ends up at the dinner table. This animal has been given some sustainable and solid feed for our T-bones to become good and tender. That is why we at Bureau Veritas also focus on feed, feed producers and feed transporters.

Your challenges

  • Global Gap - For food producers, growing a safe, healthy product is a constant challenge. The pressure from consumers, retail and legislation places new demands on farmers and growers. They are increasingly required to use production techniques that reduce the use of chemicals and make effective use of natural resources. Being able to document good agricultural practices with a Global Gap certification has become crucial to accessing new and existing markets.
  • FAMI-QS (Feed Additive and preMIxture System) - Whether you are a trader or manufacturer of feed additives or blends, you need to check out your quality, safety and legality. The FAMI-QS standard addresses feed safety, quality and compliance with the law based on the European Animal Feed Regulation. It covers both quality and feed safety management systems, traceability, product compliance and a many more.

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