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Distribution, Transport & Storage

Your company's value chain and the movement of goods are the starting point for your company's safety and law enforcement. Complex supply and value chains as well as a diverse distribution network can be a challenge. More than ever before, there is a need for overview and automation. All stakeholders in the value chain must adhere to strict regulations while delivering their goods safely to their destinations. Especially when transporting chemicals and dangerous goods, there are a number of requirements that must be met. Bureau Veritas' solutions and services can reduce risk, improve performance and meet the challenges of the right consulting, training and software solutions.

Your challenges

  • Overview of the value chain as well as automating and being in compliance with the law - Moving the goods and staying through the supply chain presents your company with a number of challenges in relation to the safe and efficient handling of both the goods and the possible. Associated documentation, permits, etc. oil and chemicals must be stored and handled properly to avoid contamination of soil, groundwater, lakes and streams, and to prevent any spillage from ending up in the sewer. Cleaning up after a soil and / or water pollution or cleaning up polluted lakes or streams is both expensive and time consuming. Make sure to be on the cutting edge - it will not only calm the stomach but also a more efficient and thus financially better solution.

    With more than 30 years of experience in consulting on rules and requirements as well as efficient handling of goods and documentation through the supply chain, our advisors have plenty of hands-on experience from national as well as international companies. Advice, help with applications and permits, as well as effective software for paperwork will ensure, and improve, your company's performance and distribution.
  • Proper and automated documentation - Distributing, transporting and storing chemicals and dangerous goods can be a complicated and comprehensive task if not tackled the smartest. With the right guidance and software system, you will receive support for the distribution, storage and transport of your goods as well as the associated documentation.
  • Maintaining in-house knowledge or outsourcing? - Keeping up to date with rules and requirements and preparing applications for permit storage etc. requires both resources and competencies. As with other areas, there are advantages and disadvantages respectively. Outsourcing and outsourcing. If you choose Bureau Veritas as your consulting partner, we take responsibility for the tasks we solve. We ensure that you get the most economically advantageous solution, and by passing on the task to us, you can safely concentrate on your primary area. We can also act as a sparring partner for you and your employees, enabling you to support competent consultants but at the same time gain valuable knowledge and experience for the next time and gradually insource the tasks.

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