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Asphalt Products

Certification of asphalt products

Bureau Veritas Denmark A/S

In 2007, Bureau Veritas Denmark A/S was accredited and notified for certification of bituminous mixtures (heat mixed asphalt).

We also certify according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 for several of the Danish asphalt manufacturers.

We have accreditation for FPC certifications in accordance with the EN 13108 series, and through our network of accreditations we can offer to perform FPC certifications in our neighboring countries.

We can certify the entire process from materials to finished coating.

Product standards

Certification of manufacture of asphalt products at Bureau Veritas Denmark A/S covers all product standards in the series for bituminous mixtures:

  • EN 13108-1 Asphalt concrete
  • EN 13108-2 Asphalt concrete for very thin layers
  • EN 13108-3 Powder asphalt
  • EN 13108-4 Hot drum asphalt
  • EN 13108-5 Shear Mastic
  • EN 13108-6 Cast asphalt
  • EN 13108-7 Drain asphalt

These product standards are used in conjunction with EN 13108-21.

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