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Inspection & audits

An inspection or audit may be the right choice for your business if you want to make sure that your facilities, equipment, products and services meet the applicable requirements regarding quality, safety, and environment and working environment.

An inspection is an independent review of a product, sales or production unit, a supplier, the contents of a container or something similar, which is done with a specific focus. An audit is a technical review of a company, management system or similar with a fixed reference document - for an example the standard ISO 9001.

Bureau Veritas offers production audit, 2nd and 3rd party inspections, ATEX and PED. They all have in common that they reduce the risk of accidents and increase your company's ability to deliver quality on time.

Bureau Veritas has a worldwide network of experts with experience in a wide range of industries and manufacturing processes, and we carry out inspections and audits in Denmark and abroad.

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