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The ADR cONVENTION, the IMDG cODE, IATA DGR and handbooks

We offer a vide range of publications within the transport of dangerous goods.

In addition to IATA DGR, the IMDG code and the ADR convention, we also have a large selection of handbooks. The handbooks are based on the ADR convention and sum up the rules in a readable and clear way. It is a light book, which can be used by for instance forwarding agents, administrative and warehouse personnel – and the driver can easily carry it along in his lorry.

The ADR convention is delivered in binders incl. our requested list of substances. Our edition of the ADR convention is a practical knowledge tool, which is very useful and provides a quick and clear overview.

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You can take out a favourable subscription to the ADR convention, IATA DGR, the IMDG code as well as our handbooks. In this way, you automatically receive future editions. In addition to this, you also receive the next amendmends in the new version before it is released. See our large selection of publications in our webshop.


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