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Become certified by UTZ sustainable
coffee, tea and cocoa

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There is an increasing focus on sustainability in all parts of the food chain as consumers begin to demand it more. The products have to taste good, but they must also be produced under proper conditions - both in working and environmental terms. It places great demands on suppliers in relation to working conditions, environmental conditions and agricultural methods. But how do you make sure that the coffee you take off the shelf in the supermarket is produced in a sustainable way with regard to the producer?

The benefits of an UTZ certification

UTZ Certified is a nonprofit organization and labeling scheme created to create conditions for the sustainable production of coffee, cocoa and tea. UTZ Certified is a program that, among other things, carries out the training of farmers and allows them to improve their productivity, product quality and efficiency. This means that farmers can produce larger quantities at lower costs than usual. At the same time, they are learning to produce their product in a sustainable way that takes people and the environment into consideration. This contributes to raise living standards in rural areas.

If you are certified according to UTZ, you must follow and comply with the UTZ Code of Conduct, which is based on the ILO conventions and standards of good agricultural practice. This Code of Conduct is widely accepted and recognized worldwide.


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