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Certification according
to UN's 17 sustainable development goals

Get started with the 17 sustainable development goals

Subject course Get startet with the 17 world goals
Date 28.10 2020
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Bureau Veritas certification Denmark A/S

Does your company work with the 17 sustainable development goals? Several Danish companies integrate the goals in their strategy. UN's 17 goals show how the world’s countries can approach the largest global environmental and human challenges together and achieve a more sustainable development towards 2030. Denmark is among the best in the world to implement the goals but if all goals must be reached in time, the industry must lead the way. And this is what an increasing number of Danish companies do.

Document your effort with a certification! Now your efforts within UN’s 17 sustainable development goals can be screened and certified. Thus you can document the efforts and receive improvement proposals. A screening and neutral assessment of your work with the goals will answer the following questions:

  • Are our efforts meaningful and sufficient?
  • Do we achieve the results we aim for and do we have the right focus?
  • Do we prioritise the goals and our activities appropriately?
  • Are our efforts comparable to those of others?
  • Does our business present any risk?
  • Is it possible to document our efforts?
  • Can we document our efforts with the goals to our clients, business partners and employees?


  • Documented, systematic and ambitious efforts
  • Strong position in the market, trust and credibility
  • Constructive cooperation with your sub suppliers
  • Attracting, keeping and motivating qualified employees
  • A company report and recommendations to the top management
  • Detailed measurements
  • A certificate for external use.

Get a screening and a certificate of your company’s work with the 17 goals. Read why and how Berendsen is certified in the 17 goals.

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