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Argricultural production

Safe agricultural production

Sustainability and traceability are important for consumers, customers, manufacturers and suppliers alike. Where does the fish in the supermarket come from? Is my coffee produced sustainably? These are some of the questions you can ask yourself. With a certificate from Bureau Veritas, you ensure that your customers get answers to these specific questions – whether it is fish, meat, coffee, vegetables, etc.

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  • ASC - Sustainable fish farming - The World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) has helped to establish a global certification scheme for breeding – eg. Trout and salmon. The certification is called ASC.
  • MSC - Sustainable fish from the sea - With an MSC certification, the company can document that the production of the finished fish products comes from a sustainable resource and that the entire supply chain is sustainable. An MSC certificate is known and recognized worldwide.
  • RSPO - Sustainable palm oil - In 2008, certified palm oil was bought for the first time. Using RSPO-certified palm oil, your company is committed to sustainability. At the same time, they maintain a sufficient supply of palm oil without damaging the living conditions of indigenous communities and the biodiversity of adjacent ecosystems.
  • RTRS - Sustainable Soy - An RTRS certification ensures that soy, either as a raw material or as a by-product, comes from a process that is environmentally sound, socially appropriate and economically viable. The benefits of a certification include good business practices, good working conditions, a better environment, appropriate agricultural practices and compliance with legislation.
  • UTZ - Sustainable Coffee and Cocoa - UTZ certification enables farmers to learn better cultivation methods, improve working conditions and take better care of the environment. Through the certification you ensure that you meet both social and environmental criteria, as well as good agricultural and business practices.
  • SMETA Audit - Supplier Audit - Retail is under constant pressure to monitor their supply chains. Disclosures of unfair working conditions, corruption or environmental negligence in the supply chain can damage the company's reputation and lead to loss of earnings. This can be prevented with a SMETA Audit.

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