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Chemicals in
consumer products

All the materials around us, our furniture, mobile phones and the clothes we wear are a mixture of different chemicals. In other words, it is impossible to imagine consumer products without chemicals.

Your challenges

  • Product Safety & Compliance - As a marketer of consumer products, you are responsible for ensuring that your products are safe to use. Consumers and authorities place increasing demands on your products - both in terms of security, content and where they come from. Bureau Veritas can help you find out what requirements you have met - in different product categories and in different markets.
  • CSR & Sustainability - If you already have control over the compliance part, you may be looking for other options that can strengthen your brand, your products and your position in the market. Bureau Veritas can help you with the CSR and sustainability opportunities, as well as uncover risks across the value chain from supplier to product to the consumer.

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