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Transport of chemicals

Transport of Chemicals and dangerous goods

All stakeholders in the transport chain must adhere to strict regulations while delivering their goods safely to their destinations. Especially when transporting chemicals and dangerous goods, there are a number of requirements that must be complied with - both during transport, handling and storage of dangerous goods. Bureau Veritas solutions and services help our customers reduce risk, improve performance and meet the challenges of the right consulting, training and software solutions. We can help you on land, at sea and in the air - both nationally and internationally..

Your challenges

  • Safe transport as well as being in compliance with the law - Companies that ship dangerous goods must, according to the law, comply with a large number of rules and legislations - including the labeling of dangerous goods (bills of lading), transportation documents, packaging and the technical name of the goods/proper shipping name (PSN). In addition, companies are required to have a security consultant in the field of dangerous goods if they fill out transport documents, labels, packaging, loading, unloading, shipping or transporting dangerous goods over the so-called "free amount".

    With more than 30 years of experience in the field of hazardous goods and hazardous substance counseling, our advisors have plenty of hands-on experience from national and international companies. We can work ad hoc or in the form of regular annual agreements.

    With Bureau Veritas, you have a one-stop provider for dangerous goods and your transport equipment, supported by our extensive global network. Our offices are approved for compliance by ISO 17020 by the various national accreditation bodies to ensure compliance with our services. We have permits from the major freight transport agencies, including: ADR, RID, ADN, IMDG, IATA, CSC, US-DOT and Transport in Canada.
  • Proper and automated documentation - When transporting dangerous goods, there are a number of documents that need to be prepared and distributed. It can be a complicated and comprehensive task if not the smartest approach. With a software system you will receive support for calculations and classifications as well as documentation and distribution of dangerous goods documents - on land (ADR and RID), on water (IMDG) and in the air (IATA).
  • Maintaining in-house knowledge or outsourcing? Keeping up to date on dangerous goods legislation requires both resources and competencies. As with other areas, there are advantages and disadvantages respectively. Versus outsourcing. If you choose Bureau Veritas as your consulting partner, we take responsibility for the tasks we solve. We ensure that you get the most economically advantageous solution, and by passing the assignment on to us, you can safely concentrate on your primary area. We can also train you and your employees to handle the tasks in safety advice, transport documentation and storage yourself.

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