Manufacturer of chemicals, Bureau Veritas

Manufacturer of chemicals

As a manufacturer of chemicals or chemical products such as cleaning products, paints, adhesives and varnishes, you are met by a variety of requirements from customers and authorities. Applications, registrations and documentation will be part of your business - for good and evil.

The question is how we meet these challenges in a timely and secure manner, and how we see the possibilities for efficiency and automation.

Your challenges

  • Applications, registrations and approvals - Prior to marketing and sales, chemical products must be notified or registered and often approved by authorities and / or customers. This can be a resource and competence-demanding task. A task that also requires ongoing maintenance and monitoring. Bureau Veritas can assist you and your company in how you effectively and securely reach the goal of ensuring that registrations and approvals are in place, as well as that your company complies with the chemicals legislation.
  • Correct and automated documentation - When producing and selling chemical products, there are a number of documents and labels, etc. that must be in order. Documents and labels must comply with international as well as national legislation. In addition to being law-abiding, it is about improving and automating this work as best as possible. At Bureau Veritas we have a number of highly experienced advisors and proven software ready to assist you with safety data sheets (SDS), hazard labels, chemical APV, risk assessments and national as well as international law - e.g. REACH.
  • Maintaining in-house knowledge or outsourcing? - Keeping up to date with chemicals legislation requires both resources and skills. As with other areas, there are advantages and disadvantages respectively. Versus outsourcing. If you choose Bureau Veritas as your consulting partner, we take responsibility for the tasks we solve. We ensure that you get the most economically advantageous solution, and by passing the assignment on to us, you can safely concentrate on your primary area.

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