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Become certified by IATF-16949 Automotive Quality Management

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IATF-16949: 2016 is a global standard, which is applied within quality management. It is the only standard verified by most automotive OEMs. The standard can be applied by any organization active within production, processes and assembly within the automotive supply chain.

It consists of additional requirements in relation to ISO 9001, which also specifies the foundation and structure of IATF-16949, as well as compliance with specific ISO 9001 requirements.

However, the standards themselves must be collected separately, as they have not been written together as before. That's because the IATF now owns the 16949 standard itself.

The benefits of an iATF-16949 CERTIFICATION

  • IATF-16949 ensures a quality management system that meets the most stringent requirements of the automotive industry as well as being implemented, operational and maintained
  • IATF-16949 ensures a risk-driven approach to addressing the automotive industry's distribution chain and challenges within the life cycle
  • A clear focus on continuous improvement (Error prevention, reduction of variations, waste)
  • Focus on the efficiency and resource consumption of processes
  • Ensuring focus and performance monitoring (KPI) to improve performance and customer experience

training in iatf-16949

Find relevant training in IATF-16949 for implementing and maintaining an IATF-16949 automotive management system. Find the training by clicking on the link.

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