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Quality Excellence within the wind industry

NOTE: To find out more about your registration with the network group, you must contact Zanne Johnsson on +45 7731 1131 or

Inspiration, idea exchange and professional sparring are the keywords of Bureau Veritas’ network groups.

If your company is involved in the wind turbine industry as a manufacturer, supplier or subcontractor and you are looking for professional sparring, we recommend that you sign up for our network regarding Quality Excellence within the wind industry.

Bureau Veritas has an extensive experience with regards to running professional networks and the network regarding Quality Excellence within the wind industry is managed by competent specialist with comprehensive experience, knowledge and contacts within the Wind business. 

Focus areas of the network group

  • Use of APQP methods and tools within Wind-best practices
  • Updating of quality systems to meet customer requirements for APQP - e.g. APQP4Wind
  • Implementation of the APQP process in an (ISO 9001-compliant) system with a
    - process perspective
    - s
    upplier management perspective
    - change management perspective
  • And other things that the participants find interesting

In a Bureau Veritas network you will be able to gain insight into an understanding of strategic challenges and thus develop yourself professionally in a network of like-minded.

In addition to the annual meetings, you will as a member get access to a closed forum in which all information is shared between the members.

We suggest that the network members meet 3-4 times per year, and the meetings will be a combination of online and physical meetings.

The wind industry is international, and therefore all documentation will be in English. The meetings will also be in English if necessary.


The price of the network group “Quality Excellence within the wind industry” is DKK 7.000 annually.



Zanne Johnsson
Customer Relations Manager, Training Department
Phone: +45 2076 6585