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Safety advisor consultancy

Professional and comprehensive consultancy from safety advisors

With Bureau Veritas’ safety advisors, you are ensured an utmost competent consultancy. We have several years’ experience acting as safety advisors for large as well as small companies and several of our competent consultants today work as safety advisors for a wide range of clients.

If you fill in transport documents, mark, pack, load, unload, send or transport dangerous goods above the so-called “free quantity” (more than 1.000 hazard points), it is a legal requirement that you have a safety advisor – internally or externally.

Bureau Veritas offer to act as external safety advisor of companies with the above requirements, and to train one or more of your employees as safety advisors.

Benefits of an external safety advisor

Many large companies have an external safety advisor, as this is often more profitable. Often it is the company’s warehouse manager or safety/environmental employee who is instructed to act as safety advisor, and it is not always easy to work with two different titles.

External safety advice at Mercedes-Benz CPH

In the video, you can hear Frank Heide, Quality, Safety and Environment Coordinator, Mercedes Benz CPH and Brian Aakær, Parts Manager, Mercedes-Benz CPH, talk about the benefits of having an external Safety Advisor attached to their daily life. You can read the entire customer case with Mercedes-Benz CPH here.

Safety advisor with many services

As safety advisors we among other things check:

  • Are the goods in the warehouse correct?
  • Do the workers have the correct training?
  • Do they have access to necessary personal protection equipment?
  • Does the company have the necessary safety data sheets, and do the employees know where to find these?
  • Does the company comply with the rules of transport of dangerous goods?
  • Is new regulation on the way which the company must be aware of?
  • What may present a risk to the company’s livelihood?

This is called a risk assessment, which means we are well equipped to act as safety advisors of manufacturing companies, commercial businesses, transport companies and forwarding agents.

Safety advisors with an insight

Our objective is to implement the safety advisor as well as the procedures in the company. This means the external advisor strives to know the company as well as the other employees in the company.

Be a trained safety advisor

We also offer to train one or more of your employees as safety advisors. We offer ongoing training preparing your employees in the best way for the safety advisor exam. See the training here.


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