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Professional consultancy within product safety

According to the product safety regulation, a manufacturer is only allowed to market safe products.

A safe product is defined as:
A product which does not present a risk or which only present a limited and acceptable risk for consumers regarding safety and health hazards when the product is used under normal conditions or predictable circumstances and within the product’s expected life.

Bureau Veritas can help evaluate your product and its content of chemicals.

In addition to the general product safety regulation, Bureau Veritas offers guidance in areas with special regulation like e.g.:

  • Food contact materials
  • Electronic equipment (RoHS, WEEE)
  • Medical equipment
  • Cosmetics
  • Toys
  • Woodware

In addition to this, we give advice on CE labelling, declarations of conformity and limitations in connection with e.g. REACH, POP, PIC provisions.

We can also help developing a strategy to ensure information and legal compliance in all supplier links.


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