License to operate, Bureau Veritas HSE

License to operate

Keep abreast of challenges and opportunities with a "license to operate"

Bureau Veritas have developed a concept we call “License to operate”. Through a strong partnership, we thus ensure that our clients keep abreast of challenges and opportunities within exactly their business.


In our experience, nine out of ten companies do not have an overview of the rules to which they must comply within health, safety and the environment. Thus, most companies do not experience the benefits and effects of being abreast and being able to operate enlightened on the markets. Instead, we experience the consequences when companies must for instance: put out fires, work with inefficient work processes, pay penalties, loose clients, etc.

Your solution is here: A license to operate

As our client we offer you an obvious opportunity to be abreast of the rules and challenges affecting exactly your company. Thus, your company will experience a lower risk, efficient work processes and competitive advantages.

The benefits of a "License to operate"

  • A proactive approach to your challenges and opportunities
  • A continued cooperation creating high value and knowledge
  • Minimised risks
  • Efficient work processes
  • Compliance with rules and standards
  • Competitive advantages
  • Your opportunity to reach new markets.


Tomas Jørgensen
Business Developer Sustainability
Phone: +45 7731 1072  

What is the first step?

The first step is a screening of the challenges at your company

The “License to operate” partnership begins with a professional screening of your needs and challenges in the short as well as the long term. Our expectations to you is a serious approach and a real wish to have the needs and situation of the company uncovered within the area health, safety & the environment. After the screening, you receive a report with an overview of your company’s situation as well as an action plan framing our future partnership.

Seize the opportunity to act proactively within the market conditions. With a long row of specialist with many years’ experience backing you up, we vouch for the statement that a partnership with Bureau Veritas gives your company a “License to operate”.

  • Screening

    We identify your needs

  • Planning

    We plan your actions

  • License to operate

    We are launching your project

  • Operations

    We evaluate and measure the effect