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According to the REACH regulation, you must supply a SDS if you sell chemicals. The SDS must inform about the chemical’s characteristics and colours. In addition to this, a SDS must inform about the measures the user must take in connection with working with the products.

At Bureau Veritas, we assist companies preparing and quality assuring SDS. Our consultants have several years experience, which ensures you the best consultancy and the highest SDS quality together with the most reliable and efficient software in the market.

Preparation or updating of SDS

At Bureau Veritas, we can help you update existing SDS and/or prepare new ones. When a supplier sells a substance or a mixture to another EU country, he/she must ensure that the SDS is in the language of the country in question. Furthermore, a SDS must contain the national rules of the EU country in question. In other words, you cannot just make a direct translation of a foreign SDS. Bureau Veritas prepares SDS from scratch and according to national laws. At Bureau Veritas, we can deliver SDS in more than 20 languages and new are constantly added.


ES is a kind of an appendix to the SDS, and it is a part of the communication regarding safe use of chemicals. It must inform about recommended risk handling measures and recommended operational conditions in connection with the use.
Among other things, Bureau Veritas can give advice about preparation and use of ES in companies.


Among other things, Bureau Veritas can give advice about the requirements and how to make a risk assessment and what an instruction must contain.


Like with all other tasks, work with chemicals must be planned, arranged and carried out in a completely safe manner regarding safety and health issues. This means that you must understand the danger of different chemicals, make a risk assessment, know what you must do in case of accidents or spillage, be able to assess the need for personal protective equipment and much more. Bureau Veritas can be your partner in connection with both chemicals and chemical waste.


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