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Public Sector

Changes in the public sector are happening at an ever-increasing speed

Citizens, politicians and employees place new demands on quality, the environment and last but not least, the working environment. Through inspections, audits and certification, Bureau Veritas can ensure an impartial review of the areas covered and provide security and documentation of the effort.

Your challenges

  • Work environment - A healthy work environment has many faces; security, well-being, joy, commitment, profit. Building a certified work environment management system ensures a continuous focus on a good and safe work environment. A focus that incorporates the work environment into daily work tasks.
  • Mental work environment - Well-being and the mental work environment are the most important challenges in many companies. Therefore, it is also naturally a focus area. We will, among other things, focus on occupational health and safety courses, dress you up for the challenges you face in the mental work environment and well-being at work in general.
  • Effective supplier management – Do you want to strengthen your company's social profile and accountability? Through effective supplier management and control of pay and employment relationships, you can emerge as a credible partner.
  • Documentation - Documentation is increasingly required to ensure that your safety data sheets and workplace instructions comply with applicable legislation. At the same time, an overview must be created of the chemicals that employees or students have contact with. Daily we help several hospitals with safe transport and packaging of blood samples etc.

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