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Chemistry & work environment

 Everything in the world consists of chemical substances. The air, the earth, your stuff - yes, even your body. Some chemicals may have adverse effects on humans and the environment. It is almost inevitable that your business needs chemical products - whether used directly in your production or as auxiliary products for cleaning, lubrication or other services. The question is how we best instruct and protect our employees, as well as how we can produce food and products with the many benefits that chemical substances have - without the negative consequences.

Your challenges

  • Gain control of the chemistry - Gaining control of the chemistry starts with a good prevention culture, where everyone in the workplace has the information they need and knows what to do. Bureau Veritas can help you find out what requirements your company and workplace have met - get a full overview of current regulations and guidelines on chemical work environment with the right knowledge about chemicals at hand.
  • Safe handling of the chemical - Chemical substances and materials can be harmful to health. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are not exposed to harmful chemicals and materials on the job. It is the responsibility of the management to ensure a safe chemical working environment. Bureau Veritas can help you with how your company handles the chemistry safely and efficiently - overview, experience and the right advice as well as how specific tools will improve your company's work environment.

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