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HSE Health, safety and environment

The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) or working environment, safety and environmental department at Bureau Veritas helps companies and organizations navigate within the chemical, environmental and dangerous goods sectors and areas.


These are areas that are gaining more and more attention from the authorities and customers as they are constantly becoming a more complex field. Last but not least in the field of chemistry and the environment with internationalization and the fact that new substances are coming, and more and more products contain substances. Keeping up to date, for an example within current legislation, is very demanding and can be a challenge as the core task is different. Yesterday's banned substances may be allowed today, and today's approved drugs may be on the blacklist tomorrow.


Also, in the area of ​​dangerous goods, regulatory requirements are set as to what safety equipment must be on the means of transport and how the shipments are labeled. This applies to road transport (ADR), lake (IMDG), runway (RID) and air (IATA). If your transport exceeds the so-called "free amount" (over 1,000 danger points), for example, the company must have a security adviser attached. However, it is up to the company to determine whether the best solution is to get an employee trained for the job or if you want an external adviser. Regardless of the company's choices, Bureau Veritas HSE is ready to help out.

Through consulting, training, software, dangerous goods products and services etc., Bureau Veritas ensures that companies' activities and development are carried out without harming consumers, employees and customers. We listen to the customer's needs, and through close cooperation, we create value and security of each company.

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