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If your company is involved in the service sector, including healthcare, telecommunications, tourism, restaurant, catering or similar, we can provide evidence of compliance with laws and standards in both quality, environment, work environment and food safety.


  • Work environment - A healthy work environment has many faces; security, well-being, joy, commitment and profits. Building a certified work environment management system ensures a continuous focus on a good and safe work environment. A focus that incorporates the work environment into daily work.
  • Medical Devices - There is an increasing demand for medical device subcontractors to meet the essential requirements of the MDD (Medical Device Directive) and to be certified according to the ISO 13485 standard. Among other things, EU directives, national regulations and harmonized standards require a systematic approach to quality assurance for all medical device manufacturers.
  • Product Certifications - When working with products related to paving roads or other places within the construction industry, there are a large number of laws and regulations that must be complied with. Bureau Veritas offers product certification in concrete, asphalt, mortar & building lime as well as heat insulation.
  • Food safety - Consumers and authorities are increasingly demanding that the foods we all eat must be of high quality and safety. Bureau Veritas offers inspection, certification and advice, ensuring a systematic approach to food safety and good hygiene.

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