VLOG, Bureau Veritas


You are in the food supply chain and you wish to demonstrate to your clients (up to the final consumer) that your products are GMO free, following a rigorous and transparent process.

In order to adopt a non GMO scheme and which is widely recognized, Bureau Veritas food network proposal is a solution:

  • Developed by VLOG (Association Food without Genetic Engineering) in Germany, largest European food market, since 2010
  • Increasingly required as a pre requisite by German, Austrian, and neighboring country retailers, with more than 2000 products licensed already
  •  Applicable to meat, milk, egg, honey, grain & cereals, fruit & vegetables, from farming to processing, including intermediates like feed manufacturers & logistics

Do you need help?

Contact us through the link below or contact Food Inspection directly at +45 7731 1000 or DNK-FOODInspektion@bureauveritas.com.