Software: Chess & DGDoc, Bureau Veritas HSE


Chemical management is a pure pleasure with CHESS®…

CHESS® makes it easy for you to get an overview of risks, products, documents, hazard labels and more - all in one system. You can retrieve relevant information regarding chemical issues, handling chemicals, occupational exposure limits, product storage and use recommendations. This gives you an advantageous overview and a structure that simplifies chemical handling.

Commercial-, production-, offshore-company or a chemical producing company? - with CHESS® you will have a system that create value in YOUR company.

the benefits with chess®

  • A modular system ensuring that you only pay for the functionalities you need. 
  • Creates overview and simplifies the management of chemicals. 
  • Makes it easy to localize chemicals and products that may need substitution or relocation.
  • Helps you prevent damages and reduce risk and thereby costs. 
  • Ensures chemical compliance (REACH Module).
  • Secures the highest degree of assurance – thereby quality assurance.
  • Saves internal resources as CHESS® creates overview, structure and effective work flows.

Chess & DGDoc keeps track on your documents

Effective preparation of transport documents WITH dgdoc

Before transporting dangerous goods, a transport document is required. At Bureau Veritas HSE, we have made the preparation of transport documents efficient and flexible with DGdoc.

Time-saving and user-friendly

In DGdoc, all relevant transport documents are drawn up. The user must only enter the necessary data for the shipping papers, and then DGdoc clarifies all information and documents that form the basis for efficient and safe transport.

Within a few seconds, the program prepares the documents in the required languages ​​according to the area of transportation. This minimizes the risk of misunderstandings and waiting times during transportation. For multimodal transport, data must only be entered once, as these are then automatically transferred to all selected modes of transport – eg. road and lake.

The documents are printed in PDF-format and can be archived so that they can be used later.

Suitable for both small and large companies

DGdoc is already with a small number of annual transport papers very advantageous. It can be used manually or by a "Webremote"-solution, which connects to the company's administration or storage management system. As the user can choose from more than 20 different languages ​​on the user interface, DGdoc is also very suitable for companies with branches in other countries.

the Benefits with dgdoc

  • All documents for ADR, IMDG, RID, ADN and IATA transport
  • Over 20 different languages ​​on the interface
  • CMR freight certificate, 49CFR, TDG Regulations, ADG Code
  • Document Archive
  • Written instructions in 34 languages
  • Driver checklists in 17 languages
  • In-depth legal information
  • DocMan module for distribution of safety data sheets
  • Notoc - (Notification to Captain)
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Templates for transport documents
  • Database of own goods


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Business Developer Sustainability
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