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Our values

WHAT WE VALUE AT Bureau veritas

We serve as guardians of integrity, upholding the highest standards responsibly. We create trust between businesses and those they serve, demonstrating the ambition to work hard and the humility to learn and grow. We cultivate an open and inclusive environment wherever we operate. And ethics, safety and financial control serve as the foundation for our shared culture.











Create - We succeed in creating trust
Ethics guardians – Our decisions are taken with integrity & ethics.


Ownership – We stand by our work and we are accountable for what we deliver.
Sustainable – We accompany progress by anticipating the future.


Performers – We build strong teams that collaborate to deliver high performance that serves our clients.
Continuous learners – We develop ourselves to face the challenges of today & tomorrow.


Innovative – We strongly believe that new technologies and new ways of thinking are a key to meeting the challenges of new trends.
Respect – We respect and value differences; we recognize individual and collective achievements.