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Does your company work with the 17 SDGs within the Sustainable Development

morE and morE DANish companies INTEGRate the 17 sustainable development goals in their STRATEGy and day-to-day work

Are you struggling to get a grip on your work with the Sustainable Development Goals? Do you want tools to get started, determine the right course or document your efforts? Then we can help you. 

Whether you need knowledge, help to map the Sustainable Development Goals suitable for your business strategy or wish to document your efforts, Bureau Veritas has customised services fitting your needs and maturity to work with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Work with the goals will depend on where you are in the process now.

  • Training and network if you wish to increase competences and be dressed to engage your organisation in the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Workshop for you and your colleagues if you are ready to define the goals and proceed with specific action plans
  • Screening if you have implemented specific initiatives and would like to have your efforts with the Sustainable Development Goals assessed
  • Verification if you want to tackle one or more of UN’s 17 SDG’s
  • Certification if you are ready to systemise and document your efforts with the Sustainable Development Goals and make continuous improvements and new initiatives

Trin 1, de 17 Verdensmål, Bureau Veritas

Step 1 - training and network

Participate in our training or network regarding the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In the training you will receive information about each goal, the theories behind the goals, their purpose and the values your company attains by working with the goals. You will also gain a practical insight, sparring and tools to map the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the 169 subsidiary goals and how to use these in your everyday work.

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Trin 2, de 17 Verdensmål, Bureau Veritas

Step 2 - Workshop

The basis of this intense and inspiring workshop is the 17 sustainable development goals and the 169 subsidiary goals. At this workshop, employees and management will jointly identify the potential for working with the sustainable development goals. And strengthen their business by investigating opportunities and challenges within a sustainable development.

At the workshop you are going to work with different tools inspiring you to be more concrete in your work with the sustainable development goals throughout the entire value chain.

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Trin 3, de 17 Verdensmål, Bureau Veritas

step 3 - screening

Does your company wish to determine if the efforts your make are fulfilling and sufficient? Then a screening is the right solution for you. You will receive an impartial assessment of how good you are at implementing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in strategic tasks and in practice – both considering risks and opportunities.

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Trin 4, de 17 Verdensmål, Bureau Veritas

Step 4 - verification

If you as a company want to be examined whether you are working seriously with one or several SDG’s, a verification will reveal whether your efforts on the selected goals (eg. climate footprint) are sufficiently documented. The verification will take place according to the same method as our SDG Certification, but will not contain an analysis of options and opt-outs in a larger perspective in relation to the SDG’s.

Trin 5, de 17 Verdensmål, Bureau Veritas

Step 4 - Certification

Do you as a company wish to document that you work seriously with UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals? With an SDG-certification you create trust and credibility by moving from words to action and actually making a difference towards a more sustainable development.

A third party is going to verify and confirm that your work and efforts are well-argued and well-documented so you can receive a certificate of your company’s work with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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Do you need general advice according to your company's sustainability efforts, contact Tomas Jørgensen at the below contact information.

Anders B. Toft, Director/CCO at Alfix, tells more about the collaboration and what it has done for the company to work with the Sustainable Development Goals.


Tomas Jørgensen
Business Developer Sustainability
Phone: +45 7731 1072  

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