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ISO 45003

Did you know that a poor psychological work environment costs as much as DKK 80 billion annually in Denmark?


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The international standard of occupational work environment, ISO 45001, will in 2021 be accompanied by a new ISO 45003 guideline. This guideline describes expectations to handling well-being and psychological work environment in an occupational health and safety management system based on ISO 45001.

The new guideline gives directions and examples of how to handle well-being and psychological work environment in practice through new approaches and methods supported by methodology, management and dialogue.

The foundation of a company’s work with well-being and psychological work environment is a crucial precondition to achieve a positive and continuous effect of the proactive and preventive work with well-being and psychological work environment in an occupational health and safety management system.

The foundation of a company’s work with well-being and psychological work environment

  • Clarity of responsibilities, tasks, and organisation in connection with well-being and psychological work environment
  • Policy including conditions regarding well-being/psychological work environment adjusted to the organisational values and basis of the company
  • Leadership – management of well-being and psychological work environment at all levels in the company
  • Employee involvement
  • A culture defined by openness, trust, dialogue, and cooperation

Work with well-being and psychological work environment includes efforts and tasks at all three prevention levels - primary, secondary, and tertiary - together they make up the necessary preventive effort. Many companies focus mostly on secondary and tertiary prevention, and they find it difficult to work structured and systematic with the primary prevention. The better we are at the primary prevention, the less is the need for reactive efforts directed towards secondary and tertiary prevention.

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The advantages of the iso 45003 guideline

  • Involving management and carrying out daily duties as a part of the work with occupational health and safety
  • Supporting the dialogue between management and employees
  • Strengthening the preventive effort working with well-being and psychological work environment
  • Minimising costs for a poor psychological work environment
  • Strengthening motivation and engagement in the organisation
ISO 45003 guidelinen bidrager til verdensmålene, Bureau Veritas

the ISO 45003 guideline contributes to the goals of the UN

The 17 goals of the UN are globally acknowledged and essential to achieve a sustainable development.

To succeed with the world goals of the UN it takes a whole lot of engagement from business communities, individuals, industries and governments. Here the international acknowledged guidelines, the ISO-standards, play an important role, as they are built upon consensus and provide a basis for which direction the development should take. Because of this, the standards make it possible for all the involved parts to move within the same direction.

According to ISO - International Organization for Standardization, the ISO 45003 guideline contributes to the following world goals: 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 16.


We offer the following three courses to dress you to implement the new ISO 45003 guideline: ISO 45003 guideline (part 1), Implementation of ISO 45003 (part 2) and  ISO 45003 for audit of well-being and psychological work environment (part 3). The three parts can be taken sequentially or separately.

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