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How do you save or transfer your data? Do you have data in physical or digital form? Or are sensitive data being discussed in public space? Wherever your data is, it is important to ensure its presence.

  • Do you have control over your data security?
  • Have you assessed what situation you are facing?
  • What do you do if the accident is out?

In today’s technologically dependent world, the threat of information security breaches is growing. A single incident can destroy your company’s image, impact business continuity and revenues, and compromise your client base.

Large organizations have long been regular targets of attacks, but SME’s companies are increasingly at risk. As a result, you face more stringent regulation, and stakeholder expectations for data security are high. That is why far more organizations are seeing the value of a structured approach to information security such as that provided by the ISO 27000 family of guidance and management systems for information security management.

Implementing a management system protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your company’s information. It minimizes the risk of breaches and ensures you comply with data protection legislation.

the Benefits of an iso 27001 certification

  • Safeguard your information to preserve business continuity
  • Ensure compliance with increasingly stringent regulations
  • Show stakeholders that you take the protection of their data seriously
  • Inspire trust in your leadership, amongst both staff and external stakeholders
  • Help reduce the burden of contractually required customer audits by proving compliance to internationally recognized criteria
  • Support from a global leader in testing, inspection and certification services
  • Improve awareness of your staff through training

Did you know that... small and medium-sized businesses with less than 250 employees are increasingly exposed to IT attacks?

Source: Symantec 2016 Internet Security Threat Report

training in iso 27001

Find relevant training in ISO 27001 for implementing and maintaining an ISO 27001 Information Security management system. Find the training by clicking on the link.

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